A Villa with a backyard featuring San Jacinto Mountains views, a spacious pool and a deck area.
Rosa Views - Utopic Villa in Palm Springs

A postcard from Palm Springs


Palm trees, sunshine, Hollywood stars, design, cucumber-infused water poolside... that's what a postcard of Palm Springs would look like. This getaway spot is becoming the perfect escapist destination for a few days of R&R.

The background: A perfect set-up for relaxation

Nestled at the foot of San Bernardino mountains, Palm Springs is surrounded by a natural desert environment with snow-capped mountains towering in the distance. Our favorite Villas to appreciate this landscape are Pico Falls, Anza Splash, and Rosa views since they all have large pools from where to watch the sun disappear behind the mountains while sipping fresh lemonade. The sun shines almost all year round, but the best time to visit is from November through May when the temperatures are more comfortable for enjoying outdoor activities. However, even though the summer months can be quite hot, there are still plenty of relaxing activities to enjoy while avoiding the heat.

The characters: A modern-dessert lifestyle

What was once the resting place of Big names of the golden era has given way to much more plural tourism, sophisticated but effortless. On the streets, you can see groups of friends coming to relax, families making the most out of spring break, snowbirds escaping the low Nordic temperatures, festival- goers in their most extravagant outfits, and year-round residents.

But the main character of this buzzing go-to destination is the Mid-Century Modern Architecture. Palm Springs gathers a multitude of iconic houses and buildings that you can admire almost at every corner. Geometric lines, bright colors, A-frame fac╠žades, not to mention the Butterfly rooflines, are little treasures that you can find in our two Mid-Century gems designed by visionary architect Hugh Kaptur: Golden Age Vista and Mid-Century Farrel.

people swimming and walking by a big pool with a deck area and a green landscape.
Summer by the Pool

The activities: An active break

Whether you are looking for a quieter, more secluded experience, or you thirst for adventure and outdoor fun, the city offers plenty to do for both of each worlds.

Palm Springs rhymes with tranquility, in fact, it has longtime been considered a popular retreat destination, with its numerous wellness and rejuvenation centers. An early morning yoga or meditation routine around the pool will clear your head before starting the day.
For golf enthusiasts, the city offers more than 100 golf courses to choose from. If you are willing to improve your swing first, putting greens in our villas will do the trick. The area also provides a beautiful landscape to hike, bike, watch wildlife, or simply catch sunsets.

Outdoors of a Villa with stunning mountain views, a pool with a cascade, a bbq grill and a ping pong table.
Pico Falls - Utopic Villa in Palm Springs

Some tips to plan your trip to Palm Springs

  • It takes roughly 2.5 hours to drive to Palm Springs from Los Angeles (depending on traffic), and just over 2 hours from San Diego. If you are driving from Arizona or Las Vegas, it will take about 4 hours. Additionally, the Palm Springs International Airport is centrally located and offers direct or connecting flights to most major cities.
  • Palm Springs is an easily walkable city, especially if you are staying close to downtown. But if you want to venture to more secluded attractions and go beyond Palm Springs borders having a car can come in handy.
  • For a relaxing weekend getaway, 2 days are enough to enjoy the city but if you want to discover the surrounding area 4 days will be a good length to fully experience the region.